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1st Battalion

5th Cavalry Regiment

Unit History

Regimental Memorabilia

History of Black Knight Punch Bowl

When the Regiment returned to the United States from Honolulu in 1913, CPT Duncan Elliot, an officer in the Regiment, was tasked to purchase a punch bowl for use in Regimental functions. The bowl was purchased from Cartiers of New York later that year.

The bowl is embodied with a crest, the Regiment's major campaigns through the Korean War, and the names of many officers who served with the 5th Cavalry. Cups are engraved with the names of officers and close friends of the regiment. Famous names include George S. Patton, Jr.

Officers assigned to the 5th U.S. Cavalry regiment may donate an engraved cup. junior officers may jointly donate a cup with their name engraved thereon.

Regimental Punch Recipe

32 fifths Cuban Rum (light)

2 fifths Dry Vermouth

20 fifths Bourbon

5 quarts Soda Water (just a splash)

10 dozen Lemons (juice)

21/2 dozen Oranges (juice)

9 lbs Sugar

Mix and chill liquors before adding soda, fruit juices, and sugar.

(Chilling is necessary to prevent oily scum from forming)

Recipe given to CPT John B. Richardson IV by COL John B. Richardson, Jr. COL Richardson was the 84th Colonel of the 5th Cavalry Regiment, Commander October 1953 to Aug 1954.

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