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1st Battalion

5th Cavalry Regiment

Unit History


On October 7, 1998, The First Cavalry Division assumed authority of the MultiNational Division (North) area of operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina from the 1st Armored Division. The division was the first CONUS based division to assume this mission. As part of the 1st Cavalry Division, 1-5 CAV's mission was to conduct operations to enforce the military provisions set forth by the Dayton Accords.

Task Force 1-5 CAV in Bosnia consisted of a Headquarters Company, two mechanized infantry companies, three armor companies, a military intelligence company, an engineer company and numerous slice elements and attachments. The Task Force patrolled its sector of Multinational Division (North) as a part of Stabilization Force Five (SFOR5) from 20 March 1999 to 20 September 1999.

In order to conduct successful peace missions while in theater, soldiers were extensively trained on mine awareness, country and cultural customs and checkpoint and convoy operations. Training was conducted on all levels including individual readiness training, leader/staff training, and a Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE).

During the six months, squads and platoons from the 1st CAV Division conducted over 9,000 combat patrols and escorted over 1000 convoy movements over some of the most rugged terrain and austere conditions.

The soldiers conducted hundreds of weapons storage site inspections, established vehicle checkpoints designed to monitor and control movement and often conducted searches for and seizures of illegal contraband and weapons.

The 1-5 Cav soldiers served as our nation's ambassadors. Their day-to-day presence and commitment to the citizens of this ravaged nation helped prove that a lasting and self-sustaining peace is possible.

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